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About us

Our mission is to build you a profitable dropshipping brand on TikTok, generating consistent daily income, without experiencing months of failure. Success is highly achievable when done your learning from the best

Collins Ecom Dropshipping Ecommerce

End goal

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Collins Ecom program is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing profitable TikTok brands, ensuring a steady and predictable stream of sales within just one month of enrollment. Our distinctive TikTok branding framework is designed to bypass 90% of the challenges typically faced by beginners, all while enabling you to market a product that genuinely resonates with your passion. 

Collins Ecom Dropshipping Ecommerce

About Us

Who We Are

Collins Ecom is based out of San Diego, CA. We are a group of seasoned dropshippers who have been in the industry for years. Our team is comprised of consultants, web developers, 6&7 figure dropshippers, media buyers, market analysts, UGC creators, suppliers, and much more.

We are currently offering qualified clients access to our partnership program, in which you will get access to our entire team to ensure success. Our program serves beginners & advanced dropshippers alike, whether your just starting out or your looking to take your brand to the next level, we are here to help. 

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 We have built the perfect system after 11+ million in sales & decided to outsource it to our clients. Everything needed to start dropshipping is only click away.