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The Collins Ecom program

The New Era of Dropshipping

The dropshipping training program that helps you launch and scale TikTok brands into 6&7 figures.

The Collins Ecom program

Collins Ecom
Collins Ecom

Product Research

List of proven winning products, updated monthly

Collins Ecom

Website Development

Pre-built websites built by Collins Ecom, ready to go

Collins Ecom Dropshipping Ecommerce

Full Guide Course

Highly exclusive knowledge, taught by Jacob himself

Collins Ecom Dropshipping Ecommerce

1on1 Consulting

In-depth mentorship with every step of the system

Collins Ecom Dropshipping Ecommerce


In-depth mentorship with every step of the system

Collins Ecom Dropshipping Ecommerce

Industry Leading

Systems used to scale stores past 7-figures

Our goal with the Collins Ecom is to skip past all the BS and get you from 0-100 as FAST as possible. We utilize everything needed to have an unfair advantage in the market, and so will you. 

Student Results

Battle tested & proven results. We work with students 1on1 to maximize results. Every student is part of our Ecom Express family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Collins Ecom system has been proven over and over again to come out on top. Our team is personally using this exact system to generate around 1-2 million in sales every month! Our results + client results speak for themselves.

Dropshipping like any business is a huge commitment. But we’ve simplified the process down for you so you can build your own schedule. Your time = your money.

We currently have over 1,350+ successful clients in the Collins Ecom program! Everyone who’s gone through our full program is now generating passive automated income & have quit their day jobs. 

Does the “mainstream” way of dropshipping still work? NO. 95% of every video on Youtube is completely outdated. The way we dropship works because we are in the trenches doing what we preach. Our main focus is dropshipping, and we supply you with our resources & knowledge at a very little cost on our end, so it’s a win win for everyone.

We are known as the top leading industry experts in helping anyone go from beginner to professional in a short span of time. But this comes at a cost, we are not in the business of charity, we are here to help fully dedicated individuals take control of there financial independence. Our program is highly sought out for so it would make complete sense to have skepticism.

Theres tons of businesses to start and this world is filled with opportunity. But we believe dropshipping gives you the most flexibility & freedom to succeed. Your income is solely determined upon your creativity & ambition. Most other online businesses couldn’t say the same.

Collins Ecom Dropshipping Ecommerce

Get started today risk free with Collins Ecom

Work with 7-figure dropshippers 1on1 and implement the same EXACT strategies we use for our own brands. Copy & paste our formula to success. Created by Collins Ecom